07. November 2012

Web find: Shiloh’s List.

My sister has luckily inherited my mom’s beautifully arched brows. Since both my mom and sister didn’t have the need to shape their brows, I never learned to shape mine. I normally just go to the parlor for someone to shape them for me. Unfortunately, not everyone can shape them in my desired form. It was like a trial and error, most of the time.

My mom (who is more knowledgeable than me on vanity, by the way) suggested brow threading done by a waxing salon. It is their expertise, after all. Then my sister told me that group-buying sites offer vouchers of this type. I can avail it for a much lower price. So we googled immediately, and found The Brow Studio deal from Shiloh’s List, a group-buying site which provides deals, plus loyalty rewards!

Check amazing deals such as this on their website, which is quite new, established only earlier this year. Sign up now. And, why don’t you join the launch on November 22nd, at Venice Piazza Grande in McKinley Hills, Taguig? See you there!

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