11. December 2012

Creative and budget-friendly ways to decorate your Christmas tree.

While shopping for your Christmas tree, you wonder how you can decorate yours as awesome as the Christmas trees you see in the stores. Ornaments after ornaments, you worry that you will exceed the budget you have set for your tree. Decorating your tree need not be expensive. Here are some of creative but budget-friendly ways to decorate your Christmas tree:

1. Hang old Christmas cards and/or gift cards. You wonder why you even keep them. Here is one cool excuse. Now is the best time to bring out those cards from previous years. Hang each to your tree, with the front page facing. The colorful cards will give that festive look you want. Plus, your friends and family members will be happy to see you’ve kept the cards they gave you.

2. Tie bows on your tree. All you need is two rolls of ribbons, preferably in red and green colors. Cut them, tie into bows, and you’re set! It’s the easiest way to accessorize your tree. Of course, you may add more colors if you want. The more colorful the tree, the more festive it looks.

3. Hang family photos. You may choose to hang either Christmas photos from previous years, or from the current year. Whatever theme you choose, this will be a sure hit to the family.

4. Wrap your tree in paper chains. Strapped for cash? No problem! Just create strings of paper chains from used Christmas wrappers, and wrap it around your tree!

5. Hang small gift boxes. Another creative way to use your old Christmas wrappers is to wrap small boxes, and hang them up the tree. Or, you can actually hang small presents that you will open one by one for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

6. Hang paper stars. Got kids in the family? Why don’t you give each kid some cut-out stars that they themselves can decorate? I’m sure they will be proud to see their works of art up in the Christmas tree.

Whatever you choose to decorate your tree, I’m sure your family will be happy and proud of the hard work you all have put in. So just relax and have fun decorating!

Note: Photos are from the Better Homes and Gardens website.

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