07. March 2013

Why Walnut Bathroom Furniture is so Popular.

Walnut is an excellent choice for traditional and modern bathroom furniture. Its durable hardwood is ideally suited to a range of different styles and functions. This popular natural resource can last a lifetime if cared for properly and is guaranteed to make a bold design statement.

Walnut is an incredibly strong wood, which holds its shape exceptionally well once carved. It is suited to both intricate and clean-line furniture and its solid texture makes it the ideal choice for bathroom cabinets or fittings. The durability of walnut ensures that it copes well with humidity and damp, which is obviously an important quality of bathroom furniture.

Designers and interior decorators tend to lean towards using walnut in bathroom fittings not only because of its long-lasting properties, but also because of the varied finishes the wood can display. The straight grain of walnut makes it an attractive wood and only a single coat of clear urethane is needed to protect and enhance its features. A wide choice of stains and veneers are also available, ensuring that your bathroom furniture can match your chosen palette and be an attractive addition to a room of any style.

Walnut’s versatility makes it a very popular choice for bathroom furniture as it is a high-quality wood that can display a variety of finishes. Designers have created a range of innovative furniture and fittings from this natural material and walnut bathroom furniture is a sought-after feature in many homes, hotels and businesses. Part of walnut’s appeal is that its natural colouring can differ from very light to a rich, dark brown. Just beneath the bark of the tree is the lighter wood that is often used in modern and streamlined bathroom furniture, whilst the middle of the tree produces the darker, more chocolate-coloured wood that is a favourite with decorators for classic or vintage-style bathrooms.

Walnut wood products may be slightly more expensive than some other bathroom furniture options, but there is no other natural material that offers the same solidity and satiny finish. Walnut furniture is typically very hardy and is resistant to wear and tear due to its thick grain and hard composition, making it the ideal medium for furniture that is exposed to different elements and daily use.

Walnut furniture or fittings can be added as a feature piece in a bathroom, or used throughout the room to create design continuity. The durability and diversity of this wood have seen it become a favourite medium for interior designers around the world. Walnut’s appeal is not limited to its functionality, as it can be carved and stained to suit any current trend or classical style, seamlessly fitting in with your bathroom requirements and creating a statement piece or a visually pleasing effect overall.

The popularity of walnut as a preferred choice for bathroom furniture is due to its easy to maintain, versatile and durable nature, making it an obvious choice for a quality finish.

Joan Johnson is a regular contributor for an exclusive selection of magazines and blogs on interior décor. Joan regularly makes use of natural materials when decorating and is a particular fan of classic and durable walnut bathroom furniture.

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1. Bathroom Furniture commented on March 09, 2013 at 9:00 pm

Walnut Bathroom Furniture is popular because it suits to any combination of wall paint.

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