14. March 2013

Going organic.

More and more people are choosing to go organic whether for food, personal hygiene and cleaning products. And why not? Food not only tastes better, you know that you’re getting the nutrition from every bite sans the chemicals. (Organic food has longer shelf life too.) Even restaurants are becoming more aware of the advantages of using organic food.

As many of us are aware of, pesticides have been linked to cancer. Going organic reduces our risk of having cancer. That is a reason good enough to choose organic. Plus, we’re helping reduce the chemicals (pesticides) that go to our water resources. Organic agriculture protects both us humans and the environment.

I also can’t rave enough about organic shampoos and soaps. My skin feels smoother and healthier. My hair is shinier and healthier too. (And yes, I found organic toothpaste too.) So you can take care of your body inside and out.

And now you can go organic for your home too, such as upholstery, carpet and rug cleaning. Especially for us moms, we wouldn’t dare expose our family to harmful chemicals cleaning our house. We want safe and effective way of maintaining our house. The good news is now these services are offered at a very reasonable price.

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