a first-timer in EK

By the title, you know that we chose to join hubby’s family day at the Enchanted Kingdom over Mikee’s costume party at school. I figure Mikee can use her costume for trick-or-treat in our office.

The decision was right because:
- we arrived there at lunchtime. We rode mostly early in the afternoon. We didn’t in the late afternoon because the lines were too long by then.
- there was a fireworks competition that night. We saw a total of 7 fireworks display.
- it really felt like a family day. The others were busy competing for the amazing race. Hubby’s team won first place. No, hubby didn’t win any external hard drive, I-pod or the PSP that were raffled that night.
- we were given wizard money worth P200 which we used to buy magic cards, tumbler for Mikee and 3 gatorades. :P
- it was Mikee’s first time there and she had a blast!

Took some shots while we were waiting for our turn.

Mikee enjoying the ride.

Mikee on her EMO mode. Kidding. ;)

Mikee and daddy lining up again for round 2.

I took a picture of them while hubby taking picture of Mikee. :)

Mikee seriously riding “Hi-ya!” as what she calls a horse. :)

More pictures and kwentos here and here.


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